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“It’s time to take your shot!”

REx Laser Games is the ultimate laser hunting and shooting system that offers an exciting customer experience and always draws a crowd.
It’s an immersive gaming platform that gives hotels, bars, restaurants, hunting lodges, or any other social venues an atmosphere of adventure.
Attract customers, provide a fun environment, and blast the competition out of the water!
It’s time to take your shot

Beautiful Games 29
Real Sounds 140
Screen size up to 5m 5
Greatest Shots 100000
Wild boar hunting
Hunting Game Wild Boar Hunter
Mule Deer Hunter
Hunting Game Mule Deer Hunter
Ducks & Goose Hunter
Hunting Game Ducks & Goose Hunter
Hunting Game
Hunting Game Rabbit Hunter
Piranhas Hunter
Hunting Game Piranhas Hunter
Sporting Clays
Shooting Game Sporting Clays
Holograms Hunter
Shooting Game Holograms Hunter
Zombie Hunter
Shooting Game Zombie Hunter
Targetr I. Mission
Shooting Game Targets I. Mission
Targets II. Mission
Shooting Game Targets II. Mission
Skull Island
Shooting Game Skull Island
Turrets Dungeon
Shooting Game Turrets Dungeon
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